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What Does Chair Caning Involve?

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Chair rushing and caning have been commonly used furniture restoration methods for years. Both caning and rushing involve weaving fibers back and forth to create an upholstery-style finish on the back or base of the chair. If you have an older chair with caning that's cracked or worn, call on Bucks County Furniture Restoration for assistance.

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Antique repairs are our specialty

Older items hold a lot of value, especially when they are passed down in the family. Instead of discarding your worn-out antique chair, bring it to Bucks County Furniture Restoration for chair caning or rushing restoration.

When you bring your chair to us, we will...

  • Take the chair into our workshop for easy access to the required tools
  • Remove old caning or rushing and replace it with beautiful, strong fibers
  • Strip and refinish the wood and replace the upholstery, if necessary

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