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Restore Your Patio Furniture

Turn to us for affordable sandblasting services in the Doylestown, PA area

Have wind and weather caused your outdoor furniture to lose its luster? Count on Bucks County Furniture Restoration for top-notch sandblasting services. We can remove rust, paint and residue from your outdoor furniture. With a little help from our team, your tables and chairs will look as good as new.

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3 great reasons to see us about our outdoor furniture restoration

Sandblasting can be useful for more than just restoring outdoor furniture. The pieces we commonly sandblast in our shop include:

  1. Outdoor metal furniture
  2. Antique sewing machine bases
  3. Wrought iron railings
  4. Motorcycle parts
  5. Smaller car parts

Sandblasting can save you time and money, plus it's non-toxic and safe for the environment.

Contact us today to arrange for sandblasting services.